Woodlander™ MAX Trailer


The Woodland Mills Woodlander™ MAX trailer package can be combined with the HM130MAX, making the sawmill a truly versatile and portable sawmill. The Woodlander™ MAX trailer package is a well built and economical solution for sawyers looking for the right combination of mobility and setup efficiency. Constructed with laser cut bent plates and tubular cross supports, the chassis becomes quite rigid as it unites with the sawmill track system to complete a box style structured chassis. Note: Sawmill track assembly components (highlighted in yellow) are not included with this trailer. Instead, you will need to attach these parts from your existing HM130MAX sawmill to the trailer frame.

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A 12’10″ (3.9m) length provides the ability to cut log lengths up to 10’ 5″ (3.1m) - (XL trailer package available – 16’ 11” (5.1m) log lengths). It features a galvanized steel frame, torsion axle suspension system and Department of Transportation (DOT) approved tires. LED light kit (stop, turn, tail, side markers and licence plate light), safety chains and a 2” (50mm) ball receiver also come standard with the trailer. 4 leveling jacks enable quick and stable sawmill setup on uneven ground. A sawmill head locking kit (locks the head to the trailer for transport) is included in the trailer package.


LED Light Kit

Included with the trailer package is an LED light kit featuring stop, turn, tail, side markers and licence plate lights which are powered through the standard wire harness adapter from your vehicle.

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer LED Light Kit

Levelling Jacks

The trailer package comes standard with four (standard trailer) or six (XL trailer) 3,000 lb (1,360kgs) sidewind leveling jacks to quickly and easily level the sawmill front to back and side to side. The swivel jacks can be rotated from the horizontal travel position to the vertical position for quick mill set up. They provide a full 10” (25cm) of height adjustability. The foot measures 3.75” x 7.5” (95mm x 190mm).

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer Levelling Jacks

Wheels & Torsion Axles

The trailer chassis rests on a pair of rubber torsional axles with a combined load capacity of 1,870 lbs (850kgs). The hubs are a 5 bolt on 4.5” (114mm) and the tires are DOT approved 5.30-12. The wheel fenders are made of steel and can easily be removed without the use of tools so they are out of the way when operating the sawmill or loading logs.

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer Wheels & Torsion Axles


Features a standard 2” (50mm) ball coupler, wiring harness adapter and safety chains. The head of the sawmill is secured to the trailer at a location which provides proper tongue weight for safe towing. The trailer manual provided specifies this location.

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer Tongue

Transport Lock Down Kit

The trailer includes our sawmill head lock down kit so that you can safely secure the sawmill head to the trailer during transportation. Four (4) 3/8” (9.5mm) pins go through the sides of the trailer and the brackets attached to the head. A heavy-duty ratchet strap is also included as a secondary measure for securing the sawmill head to the trailer.

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer Transport Lock Down Kit


The sawmill trailer is covered with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer’s defect and excludes wearing parts (bearings, axles and tires).

Woodlander™ MAX Trailer Warranty

License for Highway Use

Although it is sold as an off-road package. Road safety components are included to aid in the registration as a home-built trailer in your jurisdiction. Every province, state and country have different requirements and it is recommended to check with your region requirements.

Maximum Trailer Length

The Woodlander trailer is available in two cut lengths: Standard -10’ 5″ (3.1m) and XL - 16’ 11” (5.1m). Additional extensions cannot be added to the XL trailers.

Tech Specs

Trailer Axle 1,870lb (850kgs) Independent Torsion Axle Design
Trailer Wheels 5 Bolt on 4.5" (114mm) & 5.30-12 DOT Approved Tires
Trailer Lights LED light kit (stop, turn, tail, side markers and licence plate light)
Trailer Levelling Jacks Woodlander™: 4 leveling jacks; Woodlander™ XL: 6 leveling jacks
Trailer Ball Coupler 2" (50mm)
Finish Powder Coat Paint / Galvanized Steel
Fenders Removable
Safety Locking pins and safety straps to secure sawhead while travelling
Shipping Weight 655 lbs (297 kg)


Shipping Weight: 655 lbs (297 kg)

Manuals & Drawings