Woodlander® Trailer for HM136MAX™

$1,999.00 - $2,472.00
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    This Woodland Mills Woodlander® trailer package can be combined with the HM136MAX™, making the sawmill a truly versatile and portable sawmill. The Woodlander® trailer package is a well built and economical solution for sawyers looking for the right combination of mobility and setup efficiency.

    Constructed with laser cut bent plates and tubular cross supports, the chassis becomes quite rigid as it unites with the sawmill track system to complete a box style structured chassis.

    Note: Sawmill track assembly components (highlighted in yellow) are not included with this trailer. Instead, you will need to attach these parts from your existing HM136MAX™ sawmill to the trailer frame.

    License for Highway Use

    Although it is sold as an off-road package. Road safety components are included to aid in the registration as a home-built trailer in your jurisdiction. Every province, state and country have different requirements and it is recommended to check with your region requirements.

    Maximum Trailer Length

    The Woodlander® trailer is available in two cut lengths: Standard -10’ 5″ (3.1m) and XL - 16’ 11” (5.1m). Additional extensions cannot be added to the XL trailers.

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