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Collins Country

Video Showcase:

Talking Homesteads and New Builds with Collins Country

YouTube couple chats about their experience building their barn, playset and home finishings with their portable sawmill.

Meet James and Courtney of Collins Country, who decided to leave their suburban neighborhood in Kentucky, and move to their 60-acre property. Here they built their beautiful farmhouse and started to live the homesteading life they have always wanted.  

After buying their HM126 Portable Sawmill, James and Courtney took on a multitude of jobs around their property, including their custom-built Oak Pole Barn, a play place for their children and lots of finishing touches to their home. Along the way they have learned how to appreciate the little things in life, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these inspiring homesteaders. You can follow their journey on YouTube as they explore self-sufficiency and other new projects on their homestead. Thanks for the chat, James and Courtney!