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Multilander™ ATV/UTV Dump Trailer

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    The Multilander™ is a highly versatile utility dump trailer designed for off-road use with your ATV, UTV, or tractor. Its heavy-duty Twin Rail chassis can handle a payload of up to 2000 lbs (907 kg), making it ideal for moving dirt, logs, firewood, and other heavy materials around your property.

    What sets it apart from other trailers in its class is its innovative 3-mode design. It functions as a traditional dump trailer with features that make dumping more efficient, but unique Lift and Lock Folding Side panels allow it to convert into a logging trailer with side-loading capabilities. It also features a mid-point hook on the winch boom and an offset hinge point on the box, facilitating rear loading of larger objects like logs or large game. With these innovative features, the Multilander™ is perfect for a wide range of off-road tasks.

    The Multilander™ is an incredibly adaptable trailer that can handle a variety of tasks around your property. Its multiple modes make it a valuable addition to any off-road setup.

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    MODE 1:

    The Multilander™ is a purpose-built dumping utility trailer designed for efficient unloading of heavy loads. With a 2500 lb (1134 kg) two-speed winch and 20' of high-visibility synthetic rope, you can easily raise the 1.2 cubic yard steel utility box. The telescopic boom allows for an impressive 50-degree dump angle, ensuring effective dumping of heavy materials, even damp topsoil. The boom is also designed to rotate, allowing it to self-align to the ideal lift point as the box travels through its dumping range, without any wasted effort on side loads. The hinge point of the box is split 75% front and 25% rear, helping offset the load. This simple design feature will show its benefits every time your go to unload your loaded trailer, as it enables a maximum dumping capacity of 2000 lbs (907 kg).

    MODE 2:

    Loading saw and firewood logs becomes a one-person operation with the side-loading features on the Multilander™. By repositioning the onboard winch and using the included ramps, you can roll larger logs up to 1000 lb (454 kg) in weight and 10' in length up into the trailer. This process can save you time and effort, as the trailer can be used to transport the logs directly to your sawmill or simply get them back to the ground. To ensure stability, one of the ramps is telescopic to account for uneven terrain, and key stock has been welded to promote even rolling up the ramps.

    MODE 3:

    The Multilander™ also comes equipped with a mid-point hook on the boom, which allows you to lock the utility box in at a 30-degree dump angle. Once locked, the utility box now becomes a direct support to the boom so the winch line can be used to its full capacity to pull large game, logs or anything else you need to get up into the trailer from the back. In this mode, the offset utility box hinge point further facilitates the process by lowering the rear edge of the utility box to just 12" off the ground, making it even easier to get things started.



    The chassis features Twin Rails that are constructed from thick wall 2.5" (64 mm) square tube that has been CNC formed to bring loads to the central draw bar. These rails are then laminated with ¼” thick plate top and bottom ensuring both the strength needed to carry 2000 lb (907 kg) and the flexibility needed to be taking this load offroad. The perfect balance of strength and flexibility.


    The Lift and Lock Folding Side panels are designed for one-person operation without the need for tools or extra parts to store. They act as side tailgates to make loading dirt, branches, fence posts, leaves, or debris easier. By reducing the load height from 39" (991 mm) to a more manageable 28" (711 mm), the side panels make side loading much more convenient. When lowered, the 28" (711 mm) height also provides a comfortable fireside bench in the bush. Additionally, adding a sheet of plywood allows you to convert the Multilander™ into a mobile workbench or potting station for your garden.


    The heavy gauge steel utility box is 80" long, 44" wide, and 19" deep giving it a 1.2 cubic yard capacity. Its base frame is full length 2.5" X 2.5”, ¼” thick L rails that cradle down and around the chassis with rubber bumpers to minimize vibration and noise while towing. Coupled to the base frame are three structural steel ribs that bring that strength up to the top deck of the box. These ribs provide all the mounting points and strength for the unique features of the utility box.


    The front and rear tailgates of the Multilander™ are removable, making it easy to load and balance longer items. The oversized top hinge points eliminate the need to remove the tailgates when dumping loose materials such as gravel, topsoil, or yard waste. The tailgates are designed to stay locked closed with stainless steel draw latches that are tucked up high for their protection and your ease of use.


    The walking beam suspension is designed to keep as many tires on the ground as possible, which reduces the impact on the ground and obstacles you're trying to navigate, as well as on the tow vehicle. The suspension system allows the tires to walk over obstacles by distributing the load from the leading tire to the following tire as they climb up and over obstacles. This transfer of loads back to the leading tire helps to minimize the overall movement of the trailer and reduces side-to-side rocking when driving off-road. This action improves your trailer's stability, making it easier to navigate difficult terrain while completing your tasks.


    The 2” (50 mm) ball coupler is 360 degree rotatable. This decouples the trailer’s rotation from the tow vehicle’s rotation, so when you're off-road you don't have to worry about the tow vehicle or the trailer influencing each other. The tongue can also be flipped 180 degrees to accommodate the height of your tow vehicle, ensuring the Multilander™ is as level as possible with your tow vehicle.


    The tongue jack is 360-degree rotatable with locking locates at 90 degrees. The handle is also removable so it stays where you need it when you need it, and doesn't hang down and get in the way when the trailer is in use.


    The Multilander™ rolls on four 22 x 11 multiply tires on 10” rims. The powder-coated rims include valve stem protectors and have packed tapered roller bearings with a zerk fitting that's located inside the rim for ease of maintenance.

    Woodland Mills Quality & Customer Service

    At Woodland Mills, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 1-855-476-6455. The MULTILANDER™ is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty excluding wearing parts and cosmetic damage.

    Powder-Coated/Galvanized Tube & Plate Steel
    Walking Beam
    Wheels & Tires:
    4 Bolts @ 4” [101.6 mm] & 23x10.5-12 Tires
    Tire Pressure:
    Refer to Tire
    Trailer Ball Coupler:
    2 in [50 mm] Pivot Hitch
    Levelling Jacks:
    1 Swivel Jack
    Payload Capacity:
    2000 lb [907 kg]
    Overall Length:
    133-1/16 in [3379 mm]
    Overall Width:
    47-⅞ in [1216 mm]
    Overall Height:
    62-5/16 in [1582 mm] MIN to 80-5/16 in [2039 mm] MAX
    Box Dimensions:
    : 80” [2032 mm] x 44” [1117.6 mm] x 19” [482.6 mm] (lower)
    Product Weight:
    685 lb [311 kg]
    Shipping Weight:
    826 lb [375 kg]
    Tongue Weight:
    82 lb [37 kg]
    Box Volume:
    31.8 cu ft [1.2 cu yd]
    Dump Angle:
    50 degrees

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