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HM122 Bushlander™ Trailer & Sawmill

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    The HM122 Bushlander™ is milling unleashed. The durable off-road Bushlander trailer lets you take the HM122 right to the log piles on your property. The included levelling legs quickly deploy making setup easy. Rugged multi-ply off-road tires keep you moving through the uncharted woodland and rough terrain. The HM122 can cut 22” (55cm) diameter logs and boards up to 20” (51cm) wide. Powered by a reliable 7.0HP or 9.5HP Kohler engine and loaded with new features like the RapidChange™ blade system, auto lube, an operation hour meter, wider cut capability and much more.


    The Bushlander trailer is available in two cut lengths: Standard -10’ 4″ (3.1m) and XL - 16’ 9” (5.1m).
    Additional extensions cannot be added to the XL trailers.

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    The Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander™ is designed for hobby sawyers looking for an economical mobile solution to mill lumber on their property. Cut up to 22” (55cm) diameter logs and up to 20” (51cm) wide boards at a standard length of 10’ 4” (3.1m) or XL length of 16' 9" (5.1m). Constructed with a rigid 4 post reinforced design using steel components with a powder-coated or galvanized finish for protection. Powered by a reliable 7.0 HP or 9.5HP 4-cycle Kohler gas engine. The HM122 is loaded with new and innovative features like the auto lubricant blade system, vibration activated hour meter and RapidChange™ blade system. Packaged with the Bushlander Trailer, you can go mobile with the HM122 sawmill. Designed for tough terrain, take the mill directly to your log pile and quickly deploy with the included trailer leveling legs.


    The HM122 Bushlander can cut 22″ (55cm) diameter logs up to 10’ 4” (3.1m) long. Capable of milling live edge boards at up to 20″ (51cm) wide. It can also skim veneers as thin as 1/16″ (1.6mm). The HM122 will cut within 1″ (25mm) of the deck ensuring that you maximize your usable board foot output.


    Powered by a reliable 7.0HP or 9.5HP 4-cycle Kohler gas/petrol engine. The HM122 features a slant cylinder design, with a cast iron cylinder bore and an overhead valve for easy access. The Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and life of the engine. Attached to the engine is an industrial centrifugal clutch system for easy gas-and-go operation. Backed by a 3-year Kohler commercial warranty.


    The HM122 sawmill head rolls along a rigid 2 3/8″ x 2.5″ (6cm x 6cm) machined “L” channel which is cross supported with heavy-duty 2 3/8″ x 4 3/4″ (6cm x 12cm) rectangle log bunks. These cross supports ensure the weight of the log is dispersed over a large bearing surface to avoid marking the log with indentation and provide additional rigidity to the track system. The standard Bushlander track features an easy to use screw style log clamp to securely hold the log while milling and consists of two 6’ 5” (1.95m) sections allowing for 10’ 4” (3.1m) log lengths. The Bushlander XL features a 16' 9" (5.1m) cut length.


    The throttle handle engages the engine RPM, saw blade and auto lube system simultaneously. This system makes the process of cutting lumber quick and efficient and reduces the number of steps required by the operator. The throttle handle position can also be adjusted for comfort depending on track height.


    Exclusive to Woodland Mills is the RapidChange™ blade system. This is a tool-less approach for changing blades quickly and reduces the amount of blade tracking adjustments between blade changes. A stack of Belleville washers act as a shock absorber for the blade while giving consistent blade tension in all temperatures ensuring less stress on your blades.


    The HM122 utilizes 1.25″ x 125″ x 0.042″ (32mm x 3.175m x 1.0mm) hardened tipped blades which are available through Woodland Mills. Blade kerf is kept to a minimum at just .080″ (2mm) to maximize the most amount of lumber per log.


    The Bushlander™ off-road trailer package adds mobility to your milling operation. Designed for the uncharted woodland and rough terrain, the Bushlander trailer lets you conveniently bring your HM122 sawmill directly to the logs. Connect to the towing vehicle using the included 2” (50mm) ball hitch. The raised track provides a more comfortable and ergonomic working height. Easily roll into storage when not in use or for maintenance. Features 8 leveling legs (12 - XL Trailer) that can be deployed and adjusted for uneven terrain and rugged multi-ply off-road tires that can be removed to clear the operator’s walking path when milling. An optional log loading ramp kit is also available for the Bushlander, allowing you to load logs without the need for additional equipment.


    The Bushlander XL features a patent pending folding trailer extension that can be folded and secured to the HM122 sawhead during transport. When folded up, the track acts as a structural brace that helps secure the sawmill head during off-road travel. The compact form makes it easier to navigate narrow spaces and paths and creates a smaller footprint when storing in your shed, shop or garage. An additional 6’ 5” (1.95m) track length, leveling legs and screw style log clamp with a transport strap are included.


    The optional heavy duty log loading ramp & winch kit accessory for the Bushlander trailer mounts to the trailer allowing you to easily roll logs weighing up to 2,500 lbs (1,134 kgs) onto the sawmill bed. The kit includes two steel ramps, a manual hand crank winch with 30' (9m) synthetic rope, winch post and locking pins to secure ramps to the trailer when not in use or during transit. This kit is sold separately and compatible with the Bushlander Standard/XL trailer.


    At Woodland Mills, we put our customers first. The HM122 Bushlander™ is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (excludes wearing parts, belts, blades & bearings). The Kohler engine is covered by a 3-year commercial Kohler manufacturer warranty and honoured through any Kohler small engine dealers.


    Sold as an off-road package. Road safety components are included to aid in the registration as a home-built trailer in your jurisdiction. Every province, state and country have different requirements and it is recommended to check with your region requirements.


    Shipping Weight: 1254 lbs (569 kg)

    7.0hp or 9.5hp Manual Start Kohler
    Blade Engagement System:
    Centrifugal Clutch (Gas & Go)
    Log Diameter:
    22" [55 cm]
    Max Board Width:
    17" [43 cm]
    Max Live Edge Width:
    20" [51 cm]
    Max Board Thickness:
    6" [15 cm]
    Cast Iron Bandwheel Diameter:
    16" [40 cm]
    Standard Cutting Length:
    Standard: 10' 4" [3.1 m] / XL: 16' 9" [5.1m]
    Track Width:
    26" [66.1 cm]
    Galvanized Track Rails:
    Track Bunks:
    2-3/8 to 4-3/4" [60 x 120 mm]
    Log Clamps:
    1x Screw Style (2x w/ XL Trailer)
    4 Post Head Design:
    Adjustable Blade Guide:
    Blade Size:
    125 x 1.25" [3175 x 32 mm]
    RapidChange Blade System:
    Auto Lubrication:
    Lubricant Tank Size:
    10L [2.6gal] Aluminum
    Hour Meter:
    Powder Coat Paint / Galvanized Steel
    Trailer Axle:
    Two removable solid axles with lynch pins
    Trailer Wheels:
    4 Bolts @ 3-15/16 in [100 mm] & 22X11-10 ATV Tires
    Trailer Lights:
    Trailer Levelling Jacks:
    Levelling Legs:
    Bushlander: 8 levelling legs; Bushlander XL: 12 levelling legs
    Trailer Ball Coupler:
    2" (50mm)
    Sawmill Warranty:
    Engine Warranty:
    Tire Pressure:
    Refer to Tire
    Product Weight:
    1020 lbs (463 kg)
    Shipping Weight:
    1254 lbs (569 kg)

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