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Pathlander™ Off-Road ATV Trailer

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    The Pathlander™ is a heavy-duty multitasking hauler with a wide range of applications. Whether you're clearing fall leaves, preparing firewood, moving topsoil, or making trips to the hunt camp, this is the trailer you'll never want to unhook.  

    It features a class-leading 21 cubic foot dump box, a payload capacity of 1000 lbs, and its removable tailgates let you haul an endless variety of materials, long or short. The Pathlander™ is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile utility trailer to improve their property.

    The optional 1000 lb capacity winch kit converts the Pathlander™ into a more dedicated dump trailer, and helps dump heavier loads with the utility box.

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    The heavy-gauge steel utility box is 53" long, 48" wide, and 19" deep, giving it a class-leading 21 cu ft capacity. The box is powder coated for added protection. The base frame features full length 2.75" X 1.5” solid steel L rails. They support front and rear CNC-bent structural steel ribs that extend the box's strength to the top deck. When in the lowered position, the box is supported by a rubber bumper mounted on the chassis, effectively reducing vibration and minimizing noise when towing.


    The full box underframe is engineered to withstand the stresses of hauling and dumping 1000 lb loads. The underframe's L-rail construction ensures the box has optimal strength and stability. It also provides a sturdy, reliable connection between the box and chassis.


    In addition to the optional winch assembly that helps raise the dump box, the hinge point of the box is split 75% front and 25% rear, helping offset the load. This simple design feature will show its benefits every time you unload your trailer, helping balance the load weight and assist in easier dumping.


    The chassis features a thick wall 2" (51 mm) square tube that runs back to the axles, where it is secured to the axle crossbeam with a laminated heavy-gauge plate design. The axle crossbeam also carries 1/4" solid steel pivot brackets for the utility box, ensuring the strength needed to manage a 1000 lb (454 kg) payload.


    The front and rear tailgates of the Pathlander™ are removable, making it easy to load and balance longer items. The oversized top hinge points eliminate the need to remove the tailgates when dumping loose materials like gravel, topsoil, or yard waste. The tailgates are designed to stay locked with stainless steel draw latches. The latches are mounted high on the box to ensure they're both well protected and easy to use.


    The 2” (50 mm) ball coupler is rotatable 360 degrees. This decouples the trailer’s rotation from the tow vehicle’s rotation, so when you're off-road you don't have to worry about the tow vehicle or the trailer influencing each other. The tongue can also be flipped 180 degrees to accommodate the height of your tow vehicle, ensuring the Pathlander™ is as level as possible with your tow vehicle.


    The onboard tongue support leg is adjustable and includes a locking pin to hold the leg in position when using the trailer and when in storage.


    The Pathlander™ rolls on two 23 x 11 multi-ply tires on 10” rims. The powder-coated rims include valve stem protectors and have packed tapered roller bearings with a Zerk fitting inside the rim for ease of maintenance.

    Woodland Mills Quality & Customer Service

    At Woodland Mills, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, contact us at 1-855-476-6455. The Pathlander™ is backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty excluding wearing parts and cosmetic damage.


    412 lb [187 kg]

    Fixed Axle Design
    Wheels & Tires:
    4 Bolts @ 4” [101.6 mm] & 23x10.5-12 Tires
    Tire Pressure:
    Refer to Tire
    Trailer Ball Coupler:
    2 in [50 mm] Pivot Hitch
    Levelling Jacks:
    1 Adjustable Jack Stand
    Payload Capacity:
    1000 lb [455 kg]
    Overall Length:
    91-5/16 in [2319 mm]
    Overall Width:
    48-⅛ in [1223 mm]
    Overall Height:
    37 in [940 mm]
    Box Dimensions:
    53” [1346 mm] x 48” [1219 mm] x 19” [483 mm]
    Product Weight:
    304 lb [138 kg]
    Shipping Weight:
    412 lb [187 kg]
    Box Volume:
    21 cu ft [0.8 cu yd]
    Dump Angle:
    45 degrees

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