How to Make Money Milling Slabs

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Here's How Noah's Family Business Makes the Cut - Milling Slabs

Noah from Slabba Dabba Doo talks about how he and his father's business took off and how they're continuing to grow

It’s no wonder Noah is able to make money using his portable sawmill, with thousands of board feet of slabs milled up on his HM136MAX Portable Sawmill.

That’s just his business, named Slabba Dabba Doo, where Noah and his father Shawn have turned into entrepreneurs using their sawmill as the backbone for their money-making ventures.

It’s meant more than just a return on investment, but growth for them as they expand the footprint of their slab business and show how others can make money cutting slabs like they do.

We talked with Noah in our ongoing video series discussing how they and others sawyers make money from their mills.

Noah discusses how he and his dad began the business, how they first started milling, when they began to make a profit and how they have expanded beyond their original scope.

If you want to know how to make money cutting lumber for others, or how to establish your sawmill as the base of operations for your business adventures, Noah has some excellent tips and advice.

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