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WG28 PRO Stump Grinder

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    The Woodland Mills WG28 PRO PTO-powered stump grinder is engineered for optimal operation with tractors ranging from 35 to 80 HP at the PTO. It connects directly to the tractor's 3-point hitch system to effectively remove stumps and roots and prepare the ground for grading or grass planting. 

    The WG28 PRO features a patent-pending shock absorption and dampening system that is designed to apply even pressure when working your way through stumps. It uses an indicator that is visible from the operator position, allowing you to see the angle of the stump grinder and maintain an optimal working range that balances tractor speed and horsepower.  

    With a weight exceeding 700 lb. (318 kgs), the WG28 PRO is a professional-grade tool capable of grinding up to 8.5” (22 cm) below ground level. It features a large 28″ (71 cm) diameter solid-steel grinding flywheel and 44 tungsten carbide cutting teeth laid out in a sequential pattern for smooth cuts. It’s also equipped with a chip deflector designed to keep chips close to the work area for easier clean up. The WG28 PRO also includes a chainsaw holder and an adjustable and trimmable series 7 dual slip clutch PTO shaft. 


    The WG28 PRO stump grinder is designed to work on tractors with a PTO shaft. The stump grinder works best on tractors featuring PTO shafts that are independent of the tractors transmission drive system. This allows the operator to control the speed of the tractor independently and separately to the PTO speed. Since the tractor pulls the grinder through the stump, the rate at which the tractor moves is important and should be independent of the PTO shaft. Operating the WG28 PRO stump grinder at 540 RPM is required. 

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    PTO Shaft

    Included with the WG28 PRO Stump Grinder is a slip clutch style PTO shaft.



    Shipping Weight: 826 lbs (375 kg)

    Flywheel Diameter:
    28″ / 711mm
    Flywheel Thickness:
    1" / 25mm
    PTO HP Required:
    3 Point Hitch Category 1 or 2 (Quick Attach Compatible)
    PTO Input:
    540 RPM
    38-1/2” x 43-3/8” x 32-5/8” / 980mm x 1100mm x 830mm
    PTO Shaft:
    Shipping Weight:
    826 lbs (375 kg)
    Number of Teeth:
    Tooth Grade:
    8.8 Carbide Steel, Bolt-in

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