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Wood Chipper Tow Hitch

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    The Woodland Mills Wood Chipper Tow Hitch is an industry first and will easily attach to the WC46, WC68, WC88, and TF810 PRO series wood chippers.

    This patent pending attachment makes it possible for a trailer to be towed behind your wood chipper. Chip material and direct the wood chips straight into the trailer making for a clean work site.

    Transport your wood chips to desired areas such as garden beds or walking paths. Reduce effort and maximize time by avoiding labour intensive clean up and multiple trips.

    Finished in a powder-coated black finish. Compatible with all Woodland Mills WC46, WC68, WC88, and TF810 PRO wood chipper models.

    WC46, WC68, WC88 Wood Chippers
    Maximum Tongue Weight:
    200 lb (90 kg)
    Maximum Towing Capacity:
    2000 lb (900 kg)
    Shipping Weight:
    37 lbs (17 kg)